Laisse-moi un peu de toi, j'appendrai à te retenir. Aime-moi rien qu'une fois Juste pour une heure, juste pour se dire que plus rien ne nous séparera jusqu'à demain. Laisse-mon un peu de toi avant de partir

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3.5.06 20:03

Somewhere along the way
I picked up a thousand shields
Somewhere along the way
I chained myself to fear
Now I’m lost
How to free my heart from frost

Somewhere along the way
I fell in a see of rage
Somewhere along the way
My tears became a cage
A broken past
Catching up with me at last

Where is all this darkness born
What have I forgot to mourn
Help me try to find my way
What’s my angel’s name again

What is all this sorrow for
When will I get to the core
Find my peace get rid of pain
And know my angel’s name again

Somewhere along the way
My life will become more real
Somewhere along the way
This happiness will feel
Free of ghosts
Love replacing all the loss

{Zorg - Along the way}
7.5.06 21:13

I see your past whenever I look at you
so I close my eyes
'cause I promised you to be strong
but she's still haunting me
I can't free myself
I can't free you...
it makes me feel so damn uncomfortable
but you don't want to be reminded
so I try to handle it on my own
but it isn't as easy as you want it to
I have the worst picture in my head
- it hurts
9.5.06 21:12

And he can't understand my fear
but everwhere I turn to I'm afraid to see something
which makes me feel so sick
I don't dare to ask some questions
I don't dare to go to special places
and sometimes I don't even dare to look in his eyes
I'm afraid that all is even worser than I can imagine
I'm afraid that I can't cope with it
I'm afraid that it would
11.5.06 19:21

you say "No"
but I feel it has to be done
don't leave me like this
don't leave me alone with these thoughts
I die inside
11.5.06 22:59

I thought i’d found my peace in you
These secret sorrows
I keep inside are hard to tell
These hidden pains
I wish you saw but I can’t share with you
I feel the scar you left in me
Don’t look away now
I know I’ll fall
And i know I will fail

{Zorg - Falling}
16.5.06 23:16

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