Laisse-moi un peu de toi, j'appendrai à te retenir. Aime-moi rien qu'une fois Juste pour une heure, juste pour se dire que plus rien ne nous séparera jusqu'à demain. Laisse-mon un peu de toi avant de partir

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  Des fenêtres dans un autre monde..
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  Erich Fried

   poetic tragedy

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Her few words let me stumble
I lose my balance so easily
my inner peace trembles
but she can`t imagine how it feels
- and hurts
cause her charge is only half justified
1.1.06 12:53

We wanted to change the world
but in the end the world changed us

{The carnation - velvet sky}
1.1.06 18:20

I know I'm almost grown- up
but it let me feel a little bit hurt
nobody waits for me
nobody sees me anymore...
and they will never see that I'm sentitive
and that this does't really mean that I'm weak!
I'm strong
I always had to be strong
cause I know what it means to be on my own
I'm alone
at the moment more than ever
1.1.06 18:50

It?s so hard to be someone
Strung out from today
And all that you knew slips away

And you hide in your room
And the lights burn away
And you move from the truth
It?s all so far from you

{Goo goo dolls - All eyes on me}
6.1.06 16:29

a white flower turns into black
on the way to nowhere
Didn't you watch it?
Didn't you feel it?
6.1.06 16:57

I can't change the way I feel
I can't change the way I see the world
and I don't even want to!
Perhaps it's a little bit incomprehensible
but sometimes I like the way I am
I like my principles
even though nobody appreciates it
6.1.06 17:05

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