Laisse-moi un peu de toi, j'appendrai à te retenir. Aime-moi rien qu'une fois Juste pour une heure, juste pour se dire que plus rien ne nous séparera jusqu'à demain. Laisse-mon un peu de toi avant de partir

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  Erich Fried

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we spotted the ocean at the head of the trail
where are we going, so far away
and somebody told me that this is the place
where everything's better, everything's safe
walk on the ocean
step on the stones
flesh becomes water
wood becomes bone
and half and hour later we packed up our things
we said we'd send letters and all those little things
and they knew we were lying but they smiled just the same
it seemed they'd already forgotten we'd came

now we're back at the homestead
where the air makes you choke
and people don't know you
and trust is a joke [!!!!!]
we don't even have pictures
just memories to hold
that grow sweeter each season
as we slowly grow old

{Toad the wet sprocket - walk on the ocean}

1.11.04 22:22

Everything must change
There?s a mirror showing me the ugly truth
These bones they ache with holy fire
But I?ve got nothing to give, just a life to live
If your world is without colour
I will carry you, if you carry me

There?s no-one else to blame
I live my life between the fire and the flame
I?ve built my house where the ocean meets the land
It?s time to live again, pull my dreams out of the sand
Let your world be full of colour
I will carry you, if you carry me

When it?s all falling down on you
You?re crying out but you?re breaking in two
When it?s all crashing down on you
When there?s nothing you can do
There is someone who can carry you

{Delirious - every little thing}

1.11.04 22:26

Er sagt zu ihr sie soll nicht mauern...
und sie wei? nicht, ob sie dass absichtlich macht
und woher das auf einmal kommt
und was man dagegen machen kann
und ob man ?berhaupt was dagegen machen kann...

und eigentlich, hat er ?berhaupt recht?
1.11.04 22:44

i've come here a thousand times, some things never change
"yes i will, anything you say"
i've quit this a million times, can't quite stay away
just one more time...i'll be ok
but i'm so damn tired

i've come here a thousand time
some things never change
lay me down...take me away
god, i'm so damn tired

{Toad the wet sprocket - come back down}
1.11.04 22:48

Another day I call and never speak
And you would say nothing's changed at all
And I can't feel much hope for anything
If I won't be there to catch you when you fall

It seems we meet
In the spaces
In between
We always say
It won't take long
But something's always wrong

Another game of putting things aside
As if we'll come back to them sometime
A brace of hope
A pride of innocence
And you would say something has gone wrong

{toad the wet sprocket - something`s always wrong}
1.11.04 22:57

But when you talk
There's nothing to hear
I'm always changing
You're too far or too near

But when she talks
She's all that I hear
How can I help it
You are always too near

{Toad the wet sprocket - alway changing probably}

1.11.04 22:59

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